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Pop Up Book as Children’s Education Media in The Village of Tourism to Build Conservationism Generation Through Forest Love Education

Indonesia’s total deforestation rate amounted to 45.27 million hectares in the 1985-2009 period.

In the 2009-2013 period, the area of deforestation and degradation reached 1.13 million hectares every year. The speed of Indonesia’s forest loss is equivalent to 3 times the area of football per minute (Forest Watch Indonesia 2018).

FWI study in 2016, there were 8 provinces (Aceh, Riau, South Sumatra, West Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, and Central Sulawesi) during the period 2013-2016 which showed the loss of 1.8 million hectares of natural forest due to activities that affected directly in changing forest cover, more clearly is the activity of clearing forests and harvesting natural forest wood.

One of the causes of the rate of increase in deforestation and degradation occurs every year, namely the lack of understanding and early debriefing to the community, to understand the importance of protecting forests that should be planted early, to avoid damaging forest areas that cause natural disasters.

So, a solution is needed to instill the importance of forestry from an early age.

POP Up Book

POP Up Book for Children's Education
POP Up Book for Children’s Education

POP Up Book is a medium that contains illustrated stories that have a three-dimensional shape when the book page is opened.

The use of this media in learning can be applied to the forestry sector, namely to increase knowledge through forest love education in tourist villages.

The application of the POP Up Book in tourist villages around the forest is expected to be able to build the character of the generation of conservationists during their childhood to grow up to adolescence and adulthood.

Provision of knowledge, the formation of behavior and attitudes in him will be embedded well and give birth to positive things in protecting the forest and environment in each role later in the community.

The application of POP Up Book in education and learning for tourism villages around the forest can be used to make the teaching and learning process about forest environment conservation become unusual, meaning that it can be made easier, interesting, fun, or learning while playing.

The target in the application of POP Up Book media is intended for children who are at the age of 7-11 years.

This Pop-up book is packaged in the form of a story with a storytelling teacher’s guide or it can be told by yourself with the help of a guidebook. The POP Up Book program will also be packaged into four interesting focus stories, where each program is aimed at one story that illustrates the focus of the place.

The focus of the four stories consists of Focusing on Managing Forests, Focusing on utilizing Forest Products, Focusing on getting to know endemic animals and animals, and focusing on understanding the characteristics of forest peoples.

For the sake of fluency in implementation, active participation from various parties is needed.

The smooth implementation of the focus on the POP Up Book requires active participation from various parties.

This program is carried out by volunteer groups, namely students from various agencies in villages around the forest in the concept of community service.

In addition, NGOs and private agencies can contribute to the implementation of the program together with volunteers through the provision of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) grants as a form of financial support.

The Education Office, especially the school, has an important role in supporting and overseeing the running of the POP Up Book program.

The role of the community, especially parents, is to participate in supporting and supervising children to continue implementing POP Up Book education at home.

The roles, support, and participation of these parties are expected to be able to encourage the sustainability of the POP-Up Book program, which is realized in the form of the POP Up Book series innovation, the POP Up Book award, and the true POP Up Book ambassador.

The POP Up Book program is expected to be able to support the national education system by forming a generation of conservationists without abandoning the important values of forestry as Indonesia’s forestry personality and identity.

“So, a solution is needed to instill the importance of forestry from an early age”- Deasy

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